Monday, March 14, 2011

Dance, Dance, Dance

Your Momma never told you to dance your way to happiness.

I recently attended a stress relief seminar at work.. One of the major things that caused me stress in the morning was trying to get my kids up and moving at a quick pace. The stressful routine started with me going to their rooms each morning and saying…”Time to get up.” I would say this in a nice way the first three times and then I would begin to get angrier and angrier every time I repeated the phrase. By the tenth time of saying “Time to get up”, I would be on the brink of screaming. I would then recite a list to my kids of all the things I had to do that morning to get them to school and to get myself to work. I would start to panic that I was going to be late to work and lose my job. Then, I would imagine we had no money and I would go through my emergency plans in my mind of how I would make ends meet. I would spiral into a full blown anxiety attack and while all of this was going on…my kids would still be laying in the bed with the covers over their heads.

Let’s face it ladies..this was not working so I decided to make the change. One of the suggestions the speaker suggested to reduce stress was to dance every day for at least 10 minutes. After attending the seminar, I decided to implement a morning dance into my morning routine. I went home that day and downloaded upbeat hip hop songs to my Ipod and played them in the next morning. I put on my old college favorite...The Show…by Doug E Fresh and immediately began to dance in the kitchen. My mood completely changed...I normally dreaded the mornings...but this particular day I was happy and excited. I was jamming and dancing while cooking breakfast….having a good time. Within a matter of minutes a little face appeared with a big smile on her face. Then the second little face appeared and next thing I knew my daughters and I were having a morning dance party in the kitchen. We even got the dog to join in with us. That is right…I did not even half to say a word to my children. They came to join the party.

Now, each morning....dancing has became a fun start to the day. We dance and laugh every morning for about 10 to 15 minutes…and then we dance our way to our rooms to get dressed.

Ladies…I am more relaxed and excited about the day since I have begun dancing in the morning. My children are happier and look forward to hearing what I am going to play the next day. Ladies…I challenge you to try dancing in the morning, dancing with your children, and dancing with your spouse or significant other on a regular basis. I guaranteed you will feel happy and more relaxed each day.

Till next time ladies

Monday, March 7, 2011

Man Made Chaos

Your Momma never told you that a man can cause your life to be full of chaos.

Ladies…Have you ever been the victim of man made chaos? You know what I am talking about. Everything is going fine in your life and then a man comes along …and suddenly without warning…your life becomes a state of confusion and chaos. What was once a budding relationship full of fun and romantic dinners has turned into a dysfunctional toxic experience….and you are left wondering…Is it me? Am I crazy? Why do I have to be the grown up? Why do I have to clean up this mess?

I went to Jamaica with my man for a relaxing romantic trip. We decided to go on a Catamaran (boat/raft) for fun. I asked my man, if he knew how to operate a Catamaran and he scoffed…”It is not that hard.” I suggested we get an instructor to go with us but of course I was ignored. My man thought that someone would steal our cameras while we were out in the ocean so he insisted we take them with us on the Catamaran…against my suggestion that we leave them ashore.

Needless…to say…15 minutes later…I found myself being propelled out of the Catamaran into the ocean. You guessed it! My man had no idea how to turn the boat. SPASH! We both became panicked and began flailing our arms back in forth. I swear for about two minutes I saw my life flash before my eyes. My children…my home…old friends…my funeral…everything ran through my mind at record pace. I was screaming and yelling and gasping for air…my feet could not touch the bottom....I was in DEEP trouble. My man was grabbing for me as I began to drift away from the boat. I knew this was the end. Just when my arms began to feel too weak to move anymore, a Jamaican man pulled up in a little motorized boat and said (with a Jamaican twang) “Miss calm down…CALM DOWN…you are wearing a life jacket!”

It took me a moment to realize what he said. I was able to simply float if I just stopped believing I was drowning. And where were our cameras you ask? That’s right…at the bottom of the ocean.

When we got back to shore…I went straight to the bar and got a fruity drink with extra rum. I could not even speak to my man who was still in shock from the whole experience. I would attach some pictures of the trip but there aren’t any.

Ladies…we have to avoid this man made chaos…we have to trust our instinct and say no when we see our men stirring up trouble or leading us to trouble. Ladies…we are able to make logical calm decisions….lets learn to trust them and avoid the man made chaos.

Till Next Time Ladies